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Supporting Students of Trauma
3-Course Bundle (3 Hours)
Session One: Answering the “Why”
This session focuses on the research behind why supporting students of trauma is important for
school settings. Research has indicated that trauma can actually cause premature death by up
to twenty years! This knowledge emphasizes the importance of developing a trauma informed
care perspective in all that we do when interacting with students.

Session Two: Techniques to “Rewire” the Brain
Having a variety of techniques to help foster resilience is as easy as implementing relational,
regulatory, and sensory supports. This session breaks down a variety of ways in which this can
be done in classroom and individual settings. Through these interventions and supports,
students develop the ability to cope with stressors both in and out of the school setting!

Session Three: Vicarious Trauma
Vicarious trauma is a reality working in schools and helping professions. Increasing self-
awareness to gauge levels of burnout and compassion fatigue allows teachers to have the
ability to integrate supports that allow them to continue to meet the needs of their students.
This session will help guide participants through understanding why self-care is important and
provide ideas to help prevent compassion fatigue as well as determining when to refer students
to additional supports!

Dianne McKinley, Owner & Lead Consultant
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Dianne McKinley, Owner & Lead Consultant
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